Arthritis In Pets

Just like people, pets can develop chronic pain conditions like arthritis. If you suspect that your pet has this condition, or he has symptoms of it, getting in touch with us at Animal Medical Center of Midwest City is the right choice. Anyone with cats or dogs in the Midwest City, OK, area can rely on us to find the cause of his pet's condition and work with him on a treatment plan to improve his pet's quality of life. Arthritis isn't curable but treatment from a veterinarian near you can help your pet move with less pain.

Dog arthritis

Is Arthritis Common in Pets?

Arthritis is a relatively common occurrence in pets and it presents with the same kinds of symptoms as you would see in people. A lot of pets try to hide any discomfort they're feeling, though, because in the wild they can't be seen as vulnerable. It's a natural instinct to help protect them from predators. Unfortunately, that means you might not notice that they're hurting when they're starting to develop arthritis or other chronic pain or health issues.

What Kinds of Symptoms Should You Look For?

Looking for symptoms can help you spot a problem as arthritis continues to get worse, so you can get your pet treatment from a veterinary hospital near you. If your pet has trouble getting up after a nap, or he limps or struggles with walking when he  first starts moving, he could have arthritis. He may also gain weight because he is not being as active.

When Should You Contact Your Veterinarian?

If you notice arthritis symptoms or any other unusual issues with your pet, contacting a vet hospital may be useful. The right treatment to control your pet's pain can have him feeling more like himself again. We're dedicated to helping your pet feel well.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Veterinary Hospital for Arthritis

Getting in touch with us for veterinary help is the right choice if you're in the Midwest City, OK, area. At Animal Medical Center of Midwest City, we are the vet hospital you can trust with your pet's arthritis care. A veterinarian near you and our entire animal hospital staff are here to help. Call us at (405) 732-0043 for pet care from our animal hospital.