Pet Allergy FAQs

Is your pet excessively licking or scratching an area of its skin? Your pet may be experiencing allergies. Whether you need cat or dog allergy treatment to help your pet feel like itself again, your dermatology veterinarian near you at Animal Medical Center of Midwest City in Midwest City, OK, can help. We are here to answer frequently asked questions about pet allergies to help you understand this condition and how your animal clinic can help.

Allergy FAQs

How Do I Know if My Pet Has Allergies?

While your first instinct when hearing the word “allergies” is a runny nose or sneezing, these symptoms rarely appear in pets. Pets more frequently show allergy symptoms through their skin instead of their respiratory system like humans do. Some of the most common symptoms of allergies include:

•             Itchy patches of skin or itchiness all over

•             Itchy ears

•             Rashes or skin irritation

•             Biting or chewing at their paws, the base of their tail, or other areas

•             Vomiting, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal symptoms

•             Tears and sneezing

•             Asthma

Why Do Pets Get Allergies?

Allergies can happen when the immune system launches an attack on something it considers dangerous or harmful. Similarly to humans, pets can have an allergic reaction to environmental allergens like pollen, grass, or dust. Specific ingredients in food can also cause an allergic reaction. Frequent food allergens include wheat, corn, beef, chicken, and dairy. Another common cause of allergic reactions in pets is flea bites. Some pets experience allergy symptoms when exposed to household cleaners and perfumes.

Does My Pet Need Treatment?

While mild allergy symptoms might not require a visit to your animal clinic, severe reactions often necessitate itchy skin or itchy ear treatment. Allergic reactions in the skin can lead to infections due to your pet constantly scratching the affected area. More severe symptoms of allergies can impact your pet’s quality of life and lead to health complications if left untreated. If your pet is constantly scratching and itching areas of its skin or experiences symptoms like asthma and gastrointestinal issues, contact your vet for dog or cat allergy treatment.

How Can a Veterinarian Help My Pet’s Allergies?

Our vet offers testing and treatment for pet allergies. We can use a skin or blood test to determine the allergen causing your pet’s symptoms. Once we identify the allergen, our vet can recommend the following treatments to ease your pet’s symptoms:

•             Medicated shampoos for itchy ears and itchy skin treatment

•             Antihistamines to ease symptoms from seasonal allergies

•             Flea and tick preventatives

•             Immunotherapy to help pets tolerate allergens better

•             Dietary adjustments to eliminate your pet’s exposure to food allergens

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Allergies in pets can cause many uncomfortable symptoms that impact their quality of life, so contact Animal Medical Center of Midwest City in Midwest City, OK, for allergy treatment today. Our vet can determine the cause of your pet’s allergies and provide effective treatment to help it feel its best again. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (405) 732-0043 to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.