Pet Dental Care

If you notice that your pets’ breath is not what it used to be, don't just chalk it up to animal being animals. There could be something going on with your pets’ teeth or gums. Dogs and cats can get gum disease just like their human owners. If it's not caught in time, it could result in them losing their teeth or worse. 

That's why it's important for the pet owners of Midwest City, OK, to regularly bring their faithful companions to the Animal Medical Center of Midwest City for pet dental care. Our expert veterinarian near you will examine their teeth and gums and ensure that there is no gum disease. If your pets do have signs of dental disease, there are a few different conditions that could be causing your pets’ distress. Here are a couple of types of gum disease: 

pet dental care


If your pet is diagnosed with gum disease, this is the type that you want the vet to find. It's reversible and your dogs or cats will just need cleanings to restore their teeth and gums to a healthy state. You can usually tell if your pets have gingivitis by their gums being red and possibly puffy with some bleeding. If you regularly bring your pets to an animal hospital or veterinary hospital, gingivitis can be caught early during the exam. If you've let some time go by between visits, you run the risk of your pets’ gingivitis progressing to the next stage. 


This stage is non-reversible dental disease is non-reversible. Periodontitis requires a trip to the veterinary hospital, since it's going to require extra work to be done. That's because the plaque that was on your pets’ teeth and gums has hardened and become tartar, which will go under the gumline. If it's not treated immediately, this infection can start running rampant in your pet's jaw and result in the loss of teeth. 

The bacteria that form tartar can also enter your pets’ bloodstreams and affect other parts of their bodies, including their hearts. This means you should be extra diligent with your pets’ oral health, not only for their teeth but for their overall health as well. Feed them treats that are designed to help their teeth and also give them things they can gnaw on to strengthen their teeth. 

The cleaning process is pretty simple. The vet will put your pets under general anesthesia to clean their teeth and gums. Then they will come home, ready to enjoy their new oral health. 

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