Cat Dermatology

Feline skin disorders are not uncommon. Keeping a cat's skin healthy is vital as it's the largest organ of the body and helps protect internal organs, fight infection, and regulate body temperature.

Cat Dermatology

If you're in search of a cat dermatology veterinarian near you in Midwest City, OK, look no further than our team at Animal Medical Center of Midwest City. We provide veterinary services for cat allergy treatment, itchy ear treatment, and other feline dermatology issues related to parasites, diet, and hygiene. Our animal clinic is here to help.

Some Symptoms of Dermatology Issues in Cats

When your cat is struggling with a skin issue, he may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

•             Itching and scratching

•             Nipping and biting at the skin

•             Hair loss

•             Scabs or sores

•             Rash

•             Inflamed, red skin

•             Dry, flaky skin

•             Strong odor

•             Discharge

•             Oily skin

Common Causes of Skin Problems in Cats

A number of issues can cause your kitty to scratch and itch, including:

•             Improper diet

•             Bacterial infection

•             Flea bites

•             Reaction to medication

•             Environmental factors

•             Household products

What Treatments Are Available?

Dermatology issues and itchy skin treatment can involve any number of medications or methods, such as antifungal sprays and creams, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, dietary changes, and medicated shampoo.

At your appointment, a vet on our team will perform a visual exam, a variety of tests, and ask you several questions about your pet's lifestyle to make a proper diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. You can help your pet avoid skin issues by assisting him with grooming, administering flea medicine regularly, and wiping down his feet when he comes inside.

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