Pet Allergies

Pets can have allergic reactions to foods, fleas, pollen, and other allergens. Allergy symptoms in pets, however, are not always easy to notice. They might have itchy skin or behavioral changes due to allergies rather than a runny nose. Animal Medical Center of Midwest City, OK, is here to help if you suspect that your pet has allergies. Our veterinarian, Dr. Michael Pierce, can diagnose and treat pet allergies and help your pet get back to living a happy and healthy life.

Pet Allergies

Types of Pet Allergies

There are many different kinds of allergens that can affect pets. Some pets are allergic to certain ingredients in pet foods, such as wheat or corn. Others might have a food sensitivity, but not a true food allergy. Our veterinary hospital can help you determine if your pet has a food sensitivity or allergy. Other types of allergens can trigger allergic reactions in pets, such as saliva from flea bites, pollen, and dust mites.

Signs and Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

Some pets might sneeze, have itchy eyes, or have a runny nose because of allergies. Others might have symptoms that mainly affect the skin or coat. Pets might scratch or bite at their skin if it’s itchy. The affected area might also have a reddish appearance. Allergies can also show up in the appearance of your pet’s fur or coat. Allergies can cause changes in a pet’s behavior in some cases. Let our animal hospital know what kinds of possible allergy symptoms you have noticed in your pet so we can give it the treatment needed.

When to Seek Care for Pet Allergies

You should schedule a visit at our vet hospital if your pet is showing signs of allergies. Getting allergies under control involves figuring out what allergens are affecting your pet and creating a treatment plan to manage symptoms. Our allergy testing and treatment can get your pet back to feeling like its normal self.

Pet Allergy Treatment Options

The kind of care your pet needs depends on what they are allergic to, such as a certain type of food or flea bites. Treatment might include using flea prevention, avoiding certain ingredients in pet foods, taking medication for symptoms, or minimizing exposure to pollen or environmental allergens. We will provide you with an effective treatment approach for your pet.

Contact Our Veterinary Hospital in Midwest City, OK for Pet Allergies

Allergies for pets can be just as frustrating for them as allergies are for us, so get the treatment your pet needs at Animal Medical Center of Midwest City, OK. Call us at (405) 732-0043 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Pierce so we can find out what your pet is allergic to and help give it the treatment it deserves.